Start As You Mean to Go On


Good morning, darlings. There it is, the new Wine Country Books office, between the Wine Country Books Shipping center,

wine country books shipping center

And the Wine Country Books Warehouse

Wine Country Books Warehouse

And <sigh> the Wine Country Books Cat, who asks, tea? For me?

Wine Country Books Cat

It is stunning, the distance between the way I dream it will look, and the way it is. The process defies any attempt to plan. That is, I can plan all day long. But to paraphrase one of my heroes,  Planning is everything. Plans are nothing.

So, I start as I mean to go on.

I make a plan to balance family and business:

Mondays, housework, cooking, menu planning, cooking (and, this past Monday, unpacking the books from six until dark and, in spite of all my work cooking, supper of Taco Bell).

Tuesdays, fun with homeschooled and vacationing children – this past Tuesday, to include Frisbee Golf with Favorite Homeschool Mom Friend and our several biological and acquired children, followed by enjoyable lunch and chat while the kids gamed, followed by our Tuesday Gott’s ritual, followed by collapsing into bed with a very good book about success in online book sales, only to pass out from exhaustion due to frisbee golf.

Wednesdays (today) all day in the book business, keeping the books listed with online vendors, packaging and shipping (Lord I hope), and keeping the collection in order, followed by a dinner I planned and prepped Monday.

Thursdays, morning domestic goddess, afternoons our longstanding playdate with homeschooled and vacationing kids.

Fridays, work on the business unless something special like camping or travel is going on.

Daily, check the email to see if I need to package and ship anything.

Daily bedtime reading, one of the many books I have about collecting, selling and preserving books.  Occasionally, attend classes that will help with writing business plans, book keeping, taxes and marketing.

So I got up, had my coffee and a slice of blackberry buttermilk cake, made a pot of ginger tea, and took the laptop, phone, and tea out to the Office/Warehouse/Shipping Space to get started.  So far I have touched two key parts of my plan for Actually Selling Something: Unpacking and shelving books 11 boxes today, 40 to go; and marketing, to include an interesting and attractive blog.

I will eventually hit some sort of reasonable stride, posts highlighting books in our collection that are special for some reason whether sentimental, historic, artistic or literary, and sharing the quirks of building my new business. Welcome. Please come back any time.

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