Bagster and Sons’ Commentary Wholly Biblical Psalms to Malachi


This book is an artifact of bookbinding and cultural history. What a lot can be learned,  not just from the actual words inside, but from the object itself.

Commentary on the Psalms through Malachi using references within the Bible. Per wikipedia, Samuel Bagster (1772-1851) dedicated his life to publishing handy, inexpensive English language Bibles and Biblical reference books. He had a monopoly in the UK at the time he commenced business in 1794. He moved from The Strand to 15 Paternoster Row in London in 1816. This item appears to be part of a series of which Genesis to Job was released 1856, based on date of Genesis to Job in this series (based on publisher, title and appearance) on Open Library. Jonathan Bagster took over the business and passed away in 1872. Brown leather cover of this heavy, solid volume is rubbed light but extremely strong. Gilt on page edges is still shiny and relatively clean. Front endpapers are cracked apart at gutter but this book is solid. Pages are yellowed but remarkably clean, unmarked, firmly, tightly attached to binding.They don’t make ’em like they used to. This one will last another 157 years plus.


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