Sometimes people hork my photos…


Sometimes I look on amazon and find that my item is not listed for sale, but that amazon is continuing to use my photo of that item for other people’s listings. Whuuuuh? So somehow my item was at some point listed, the photo was grabbed, and now my item is no longer available for sale but someone is using my photo.

This database crap is so easy to screw up with the most minute difference in, say, one character.  So while I am frustrated, I don’t imagine this is malice on anyone’s part, unless the people who made the software I use for listings, who can’t seem to give me documentation as to how this really works, are just maliciously negligent.

It takes a good bit of effort to take these photos and get them posted, so I at least need to be able to use them for my own purposes too. So I decided to try something.  I hope it works. I know it is amateurish. An amateur is what I am. I wish I had the skills and the software to put a little transparent Wine Country Books logo water mark on each photo… maybe soon. So, so much to learn and try to make it all work.  


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August 7, 2013 · 5:27 pm

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