The Very First Wine Country Books Reader!

Dear friends,

I am so pleased to share our first Online Reading Group and Book Discussion Selection!

In September we will be reading and discussing Laura Esquivel’s The Law of Love.

September's Wine Country Books Reader, The Law of Love by Laura Esquivel
September’s Wine Country Books Reader, The Law of Love by Laura Esquivel

Here’s what you need to check BEFORE YOU BUY. ┬áMAKE SURE the book has the accompanying cd. It is crucial to experience the Whole Package, which includes the music of Puccini and Liliana Felipe. Prompts to start each successive track on the cd are scattered through the book.

It is readily available for cheap at your favorite online book vendor… or I have several copies here I can lend or sell. I have a paperback copy in my hand at the moment that I would gladly mail you for 10.00 including USPS Media Mail shipping. Just email me, We can do paypal or you can mail me a check. I trust you.

Like Water For Chocolate, her big breakout, was all magical realism… this book leans to science fiction. Sort of.

Will you like the book? I don’t know. Often people don’t like something because it Wasn’t What I Expected. So I will just warn you straight out, prompts to listen to particular tracks on a cd are not the strangest part of this book. It is science fiction, it is New Age, it has illustrations by one of the premier Spanish graphic novel artists, it is humorous and matter of fact and overwrought.

It is the subject of a study guide available through iTunes (we are an android family, so no joy there for me) and an assembly of critical essays I wish I could put my hands on called Laura Esquivel’s Mexican Fictions. Mexican Fictions is available on Google Books too, though, so not so bad.

One of the things I have missed most since I moved to Wine Country from Dixie was my wonderful book club. Our membership was comprised of women of many ages, marital and child statuses, opinions, religions, political leanings, ethnicities and interests. Most of us were somewhat Not Like the Others, as they say on Sesame Street.

But the books drew us together. Or should I say, the hospitality, the discussion, the SNACKS and usually THE WINE drew us together. We nominated books and used a poll to select, we took turns hosting at each other’s houses, and we got to pick the book for the month that was our birthday. It was a real joy to put together each meeting, choosing food and beverages with love and welcome for our Book Club friends.

So… We can’t get together at each other’s houses, but we can have a darn good discussion from afar. You’ll just have to put some loe into selecting snacks and beverages for yourselves.

Get your copy of The Law Of Love with CD, pour a glass of warm, flavorful red wine (not too sweet!) kick on the cd player, and curl up and enjoy. I will be doing the same. Please comment here!

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