I can’t be all happy all the time, can I? Do I want to show this cutthroat business as all fields of wildflowers through a soft focus lens at sunset? Or, as it were, shafts of golden late afternoon sunlight illuminating a darkened library with comfy chairs, tables, and books lining walls so high you can’t see the tops in the gloom, another version of heaven for me?  Of course not.

So this is a learning process for me.  And when selling on line, shipping easily and correctly is a big deal.

USPS Click n Ship! So frustrated!!!

Plus somehow today I can’t use tape without getting wrapped in it and wasting whole yards of it! Gah! It looks like someone who is quite impaired wrapped this package.

I suppose this must be true.




Filed under the book business

2 responses to “Grrr!

  1. Did I ever tell you I had once ripped off a portion of the skin on my lower lip by using my teeth to start a tear in the cellophane postal tape? Not so long ago. It finally healed after making a purple herpes zit.

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