Online book discussion: If only she’d let me talk to her, or tracks 4 and 5

So how’s it going for you? How far have you read?

September's Wine Country Books Reader, The Law of Love by Laura Esquivel

September’s Wine Country Books Reader, The Law of Love by Laura Esquivel

Pages 100 through 136 provide the context for the funny, ugly scenes approaching in pages 137-165. Tracks 4 Babbino Caro and 5 Nessun Dorma provide a sort of ironic, but not really, counterpoint to the illustrations and revelations. I won’t spoil it, but I will give my thoughts.

I think ‘Ironic, but not really” sort of covers it, for me.

I mean, the crazy new agey stuff Esquivel has Anacreonte and Mammon saying about life and their respective charges, well. It should be at best silly and at worst annoying baloney. But I find myself reading passages like

“When one forgets one is a part of the whole, that one bears the Divine Essence within; when one ignores the fact one is connected with the Cosmos– like it or not– one ends up foolishly lying in bed dwelling on nonsense.”


“One act,  however minimal, unleashes a chain reaction in the world around us… One person’s inaction paralyzes the world.”


“The kind of alignment I’m talking about consists of getting oneself in syntony with the loving energy circulating throughout the Cosmos. This is achieved by relaxing and letting life flow among all the cells of the body.  Then Love, the cosmic DNA, will remember its genetic message, is origins, the mission assigned it…  her entire being will breathe cosmic energy,  and will remember it is not alone– much less, without Love.”

and feeling myself agreeing and being comforted.


So in this cynical era, this work is sort of funny to me, but I have to be honest. I think this work has potential to be uncovered thousands of years from now and mistaken for an exalted philosophical and  moral text, perhaps much like we see the writings of the ancients we have uncovered.  And that perception would not be a bad thing, at all. Butterfly effect, Conservation of Energy, String and Chaos theories, whatever… I don’t want to give a light, ironic yet also soulful literary fun run short shrift just because it isn’t so highbrow.

What do you think?

Next time : Beginning at Track 6, page 167.


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3 responses to “Online book discussion: If only she’d let me talk to her, or tracks 4 and 5

  1. Going to the reincarnation aspect of the story, I found Jenny Cockell’s documentary on her experience with life after life to be very believable, simply because of the fact that her children from her former life corroborated her item by item. They had been separated after her death, and didn’t know where the others were, but Jenny brought them back together after piecing together bits of memories that led her to her former children. I recommend Afterlife TV’s interview with her, other BBC documentaries are available on line. As I watched her face in the interview, I believed her.

  2. And, of course, everything you said.

  3. I am writing piecemeal, as always. I need more time to think about it than most, hence. . .

    I think you will like this, tho, as it seems quite apropos to the reincarnation ideas, and I am taking into account also your recent trip to India, which I know how you felt about that!

    I was watching a program on PBS, in the POV series, maybe you have seen some of the presentations. I was caught up in a documentary called “The world before her” in which two young Indian women who were not killed by their fathers at birth are now trying to transform their lives and to make a difference in the world. (Yes, one girl’s father wanted the mother to kill her because she was not a boy, the parents split up, and now that girl is trying to make it in the world of beauty. The other girl’s father could have killed her but he let her live, and she is now part of a militant faction of the Hindu who hate Christians and also Muslims, and is a leader in a camp that teaches young Hindu girls the arts of war.)

    What does all this have to do with The Law of Love? If these fathers, daughters, militants, beauty queens, all, even you and I had read and digested and taken to heart Esquevel’s ideals, what would have happened? I suspect that everything would still be the same. It is a great challenge to live in the body of an animal. Our bodies . . .

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