Dangit! Or, The Dynamics of Military Revolution.


dynamics military

I love change management, or organizational change, or whatever the jargon is these days, and I am actually fascinated with certain aspects of how the military, any military works, how battles are won or lost, and so on. Management and interpersonal relationships can benefit a lot by military wisdom. So I wanted to read this book.  It was late last night when I listed it, and I figured eh, nobody will buy it.

Well guess what. Haven’t sold a book in a week, and guess what sells today, less than 24 hours after I listed it?

I cannot read every single book that interests me before I list it. So I am honor bound to just ship it. Phooey!

Don’t despair. We have lots of other titles in the areas of military history, World War II, Vietnam, great leadership, and such.

But I wanted to read this one!



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