Start as you mean to go on

Happy New Year!

Baby New Year with Father Time from Wikipedia

Baby New Year with Father Time from Wikipedia

2013 was very, very good to my family and a wonderful start for Wine Country Books.  We wish you and your family every blessing and success.

The blog has been quiet because

WE MOVED! Spur of the moment found a place put ours on the market closed on both places within a month! Unheard of, and hurry up and wait in the dark the whole time, until suddenly we had one week to vacate our home to get into the new one. And we’ve been unpacking ever since, with a break for joyful holidays and of course more unpacking to go.

The new place has ever so much more room for the Wine Country Books warehouse, offices, and Shipping Annexe. I just got done shelving all of the books we have listed for sale. This is about 1/5 of our total collection. Which means… I must get to work!

We took some time off for the holiday. It should tell you something that the gift I give myself is putting in time shelving, photographing, researching, cataloging each book. What a joy, and what a relief to have a better space for this new endeavor.

Now… to sort out this tax thing. Sigh. Ugh.

A little bit of ambient productivity music as I start the year off right- with my books!

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