About Wine Country Books

Used. Collectible. Antiquarian. winecountrybooksnapa@gmail.com

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My parents got bored after 20 years in the online book selling business. They were thinking they would sell… but I asked if they really wanted to sell, or if they wanted a kid to take it over. My dad sounded delighted. At least I hope that was delight.

A year later, I am sitting in my garage- I mean, the Wine Country Books warehouse- organizing and listing for sale the TWO TONS of books I brought home from the East Coast in two U-Haul Uboxes. (Very efficient and handy way to ship, by the way, MUCH cheaper than PODS ). It’s a challenge but it is also my joy, my obsession, the best slot machine ever, as I continue pouring the currency of my time and money into it and eagerly waiting for the jackpot I  know I will hit. I just KNOW IT!

Meanwhile, I am glad to share my journey and my learning experience with you. Thanks for stopping in.

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