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Firsts The Book Collector’s Magazine June 1998


Are you a book collector or book lover? You may find our collection of vintage copies of Firsts The Book Collector’s Magazine worthwhile. Each issue is $7, shipping is free in the United States. For shipping outside the US, contact us at winecountrybooksnapa at gmail.

June 1998 Contains articles including

Worldwide Detectives “Where there are human beings, there is crime. Detectives may ply their craft at any time in history or any place on the globe. We look at three very different and far-flung detectives…”

The Firsts Guide to Grading Books Part 5 ” Firsts concludes its series by examining conditions that render a book uncollectable… incomplete and unattractive…”

Collecting Charles Willeford “When Miami Blues was first published in 1984…”

Casing K.C. Constantine “… this author has managed to guard his true identity for more than a quarter of a century while writing a series of fascinating mysteries set in fictional Rocksburg, PA…”


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